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Point balance in the app differs from the point balance in statement email

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2011 10:58AM PST
While we couldn't be happier with the response to our rewards program, we have identified one particularly challening issue with the way we originally configured our system. We originally keyed your rewards account to your email address, in an effort to keep things simple. However, it's become clear that many of our members have multiple e-mail addresses and they're mistakenly (unknowingly) opening a second account associated with a different email address. Members notice this when they don't get points for participating in certain activities that they normally would: technically, they're still earning points -- but they're being credited to a second account. It also manifests itself when a member gets more than one weekly statement e-mails with different account balances, or tries to log into the Facebook app to redeem points and notices a discrepancy between their weekly statement email and what's available inside the app. 

Thus, we have a duplicate member record problem. There are members with duplicate accounts/multiple email addresses.
We are coding a new member enrollment process which will prevent this issue from happening. We will also create a tool which will assit members in merging multiple accounts. We will have the new process and tools available within two to three weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience, and would like to remind you that you'll still be accruing points in the meantime. 

How do I know if I've got a duplicate account? 
  • Members might be receiving multiple emails - to email addresses identifying duplicate accounts.
  • When accessing member app, a member will see points associated with only one of their duplicate accounts. For example they may receive one email with 1,000 points balance, another email with 8,000 points balance and when they access the app they will see only one of the two balances.
We are making code changes to prevent creation of duplicate records moving forward.
  • Once we have the new process in place, we will send members an email with instructions to verify their accounts. If a member verifies two accounts, we will ask them which they want to keep and merge all points into one account.
  • In the meantime we continue to accrue points. Members are not missing points, they just might have them recorded against more than one account.
We are very sorry about these issues and hope to have everything resolved as quickly as possible. 

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